27 September 2021

Ennead Games

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Random List – 20 Scifi Materials

This weeks list give you 20 real-world materials, each with a sci-fi twist or enhancement.

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D20 Material
1 Active Steel
2 Advanced Solvent
3 Calibrated Leather
4 Calibrated Skin
5 Disrupted Rutherfordium
6 Explosive Ruthenium
7 High-density Molybdenum
8 Hydrophobic Oak
9 Indestructible Steel
10 Luminous Acrylic
11 Meta- Silicon
12 Molecular Platinum
13 Opaque Acid
14 Oscilating Plasma
15 Perfected Plastic
16 Phasing Gel
17 Polarised Nickel
18 Solidified Seaborgium
19 Stretched Cloth
20 Synthetic Diamond


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