6 May 2021

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Random List – 20 SciFi Weapon Concepts

Too hot here for a proper intro so here are 20 randomly generated sci-fi weapon concepts

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D20 Weapon Concept
1 Arcing Disk
2 Caustic Staff
3 Chronometric Pulse generator
4 Cluster Pulse generator
5 Disrupting Fragmenting Rifle
6 Electro-magnetic Silenced Whip
7 Kinetic Katana
8 Long-range Thermic Wave generator
9 Necrotic Twin-Linked Cylinder
10 Particle Torpedo
11 Phasing Cube
12 Phasing Delaying Impactor
13 Resonating Neutralizing Lance
14 Seeking Ion Baton
15 Sonic Mortar
16 Stealth Disk
17 Sub-molecular Cutter
18 Sub-space Missile
19 Teleporting Stunning Dart
20 Wide-angled Guided Injector


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