13 June 2021

Ennead Games

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Random List – 20 Space Vehicle types

With “Quick Generator – Space Vehicles” out this Monday it seemed like the perfect opportunity to highlight some of the possible results it can output. Roll a d20 and see on the table below what ship or other space-going vehicle you encounter.

D20 Space Vehicle
1 Angular Reinforced Sleek Courier vessel
2 Automated First Responder
3 Bulky Harvester
4 Damaged Battleship
5 Damaged Treatment ship
6 Gutted Cruiser
7 Gutted Salvager
8 Heavy Fighter
9 Heavy-Shielded Adaptive Monitor
10 Modular Crude Slow Defender
11 Obsolete Ice Harvester
12 Planetary Ordinance vessel
13 Poorly-made Heavy-Shielded Decorated Mobile Meeting Hall
14 Prototype EW Vessel
15 Ruptured Dreadnaught
16 Ruptured Recycling vessel
17 Shielded Bomber
18 Sophisticated First Responder
19 Sub-space Medical ship
20 Underpowered Escort


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