15 June 2021

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Random List – 20 Statue descriptions

Need to know just what that statue looks like ? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

  1. female centaur with spider’s legs
  2. female construct/warforged in armour, riding a worg
  3. female halfling in grand robes, arms beckoning
  4. female halfling with bird’s head
  5. goblin standing on a troll corpse
  6. hooded figure with only eyes showing
  7. male gnoll in grand robes, arms beckoning
  8. male half-orc in armour, sword resting tip down
  9. male in a chariot
  10. male minotaur in armour, standing with a laden pack pony
  11. male orc in grand robes, book held to chest
  12. male pixie in armour, wielding a huge dart
  13. male pixie in grand robes, book held to chest
  14. male halfling wearing only an elaborate mask
  15. mermaid
  16. minotaur boy sitting under a tree
  17. phoenix rising from ashes
  18. pile of turtles
  19. short dead tree full of tiny birds
  20. three babies nestled in a hollow tree; dwarf, construct/warforged and gnoll



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