29 July 2021

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Random List – 20 Steampunk or Victorian-esque names

Today’s list is another name based one and it’s Victorian-esque or Steampunk style names.

In the list below, the first 10 names are female, the second 10 are male.

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D20 Name
1 Baroness Cynthia Beckett
2 Dame Selina Simmons
3 Duchess Alva H. Smith
4 Duchess Zona Goodling
5 Grand Duchess Helene Y. Lambert
6 Lady Ruth Q. Fletcher
7 Miss Lydia G. Crowe
8 Miss Sarah H. Wigley
9 Princess Permelia Lambert
10 Vicereine Rachel M. Wilde
11 Admiral Marcellus T. Rinkins
12 Chancellor Matthew Prescott
13 Deacon Bertram McGuiness
14 Duke Gideon Prescott III
15 Inquisitor Isaac Carter II
16 Mr Rufus Kenehan II
17 Professor Aaron Calhoon
18 Sir Enoch Carter III
19 Sir Jasper Wood III
20 Viscount Eli Wilde III


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