27 September 2021

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Random List – 20 Steampunk/Victorian Style Names

Nice simple list for today – 20 names in a Steampunk/Victorian style. The first 10 are female, the second block of ten in the list are male.

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D20 Names
1 Archbishop Cynthia Simmons
2 Archduchess Juliet Myers
3 Baroness Patsy McGuiness
4 Deaconess Juliet Prince
5 Inquisitor Mary X. Verne
6 Lady Frances O. Simmons
7 Marquise Martha Clayton
8 Princess Florence Richardson
9 Sister Adella Scott
10 Sister Juliet Shosmyth
11 Archbishop Edwin Long
12 Baron Simon Clark III
13 Baron Victor Nelson
14 Brother Joseph Q. Finnum II
15 Count Braun II
16 Lord Elijah Wilde
17 Mr Wilfred Green
18 Professor Peter Goodling II
19 Sir James Johnson II
20 Viscount Nathaniel Smith


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