1 August 2021

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Random List – 20 subjects of non-fiction books from a fantasy-genre world

Todays list is a collection of 20 names for non-fiction books (or scrolls) that you might find in a fantasy-genre world.

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D20 Book Name
1 Celestial Poems
2 Common-Aquan Dictionary
3 Dietary Habits of the Leviathon
4 Dietary Habits of the Serpent
5 Elven-Draconic Dictionary
6 Esoteric Rituals Regarding Divination
7 Evocation Rites
8 Exalted Wizards of the Western Realms
9 Fighting Moors Atlas
10 Forbidden Fables Regarding Evocation
11 Hazards of the Swaying Plains
12 Infamous Warriors of the Southern Regions
13 Legend of the Dancing Bridge
14 Legend of the Wheezing House
15 Life of Saint Almardia
16 Myths of the Chaos Lands
17 Rituals of the Chaos Religions
18 Saints to the Nature Goddess
19 Secret Mysteries Regarding Evocation
20 Ships of the Mountain Clans


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