17 May 2021

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Random List – 20 types of Crime

Crime can be rampant in many worlds and games. It can serve as a plot point when someone is accused of a crime , or they are caught in the act of doing said crime. Some are relatively¬†directly harmless, such as stealing a loaf of bread to survive. Others can wreck multiple lives. Some say there are as many crimes as there are people. The list below has 20 , randomly selected, that be used when determining a character’s backstory or deciding what they are being accused of.

Next week, part 2 in this mini-series : 20 random Punishments

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D20 Crime
1 Abuse
2 Assault
3 Blackmail
4 Bribery
5 Cattle Rustling
6 Child Abuse
7 Extortion
8 Heresy
9 Horse Rustling
10 Identity Theft
11 Money Laundering
12 Murder
13 Perjury
14 Sexual Assault
15 Sexual Harassment
16 Summary Offences
17 Terrorism
18 Treason
19 Vandalism
20 War Crimes


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