15 June 2021

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Random List – 20 Unusual Government & Ruler types

Despite what many believe, a type of government or ruler is needed to maintain order and stability. But the type of ruler can make or break a nation. 20 such government/rulers are listed below

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D20 Government
1   Argentocracy – government by money
2 Decarchy – Government By Ten Individuals
3 Demarchy – Government By The People
4 Demonocracy – Government By Demons Or Evil Forces
5 Doulocracy – Government By Slaves
6 Ecclesiarchy – Government By Clerics Or Ecclesiastical Authorities
7 Endarchy – Centralised Government
8 Gynarchy – Government By Women
9 Hendecarchy – Government By Eleven People
10 Hipparchy – Rule Or Control Of Horses
11 Kleptocracy – Government By Thieves
12 Millionocracy – Government By Millionaires
13 Mobocracy – Government By Mobs Or Crowds
14 Monocracy – Government By One Individual
15 Partocracy – Government By A Single Unopposed Political Party
16 Policeocracy – Government By Police
17 Septarchy – Government By Seven Rulers
18 Statocracy – Government By The State Alone Without Ecclesiastical Influence
19 Stratocracy – Military Rule Or Despotism
20 Thalassocracy – Sovereignty Of The Seas


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