7 May 2021

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Random List – 20 Wild West Inspired Names

This weeks list give you 20 names inspired by the Wild West – The first 10 are female names, the second 10 are male (with, of course, nothing stopping you from using whatever one you want on your characters)

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D20 Name
1 Clara "Eagle eye" O'Kane
2 Dorotha "Cajun" Thatcher
3 Gina "Snuffy" Quin
4 Millie "Flapjack" Andreas
5 Nelly "Scalphunter" Ireland
6 Sarah "Little" Triplett
7 Tabitha "Tiny" Reising
8 Valerie "Snaggle-tooth" Bidaux
9 Vina "Big" Quin
10 Wanda "Deadwood" Seavey
11 Emanuel "Buffalo" Fellinger
12 Felix "Natchez" Fellinger
13 James "Dude" Pardue
14 Jason "Slick" Antles
15 Jed "No-Gun" Rains
16 Levi "Eagle eye" Judson
17 Nathan "Pale Rider" Fairbanks
18 Quincy "Lawless" Dollarhide
19 Roderick "Slipery" Keckly
20 Theodore "Amarillo" Cristal


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