20 September 2021

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Random List – 20 Wild West style character names

Need a name for your wild west themed character? Well , luck is on your side today for below are 20 such names, with the first 10 being aimed towards female characters and the last 10 towards male.

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D20 Name
1 Eliza "Big Nose" Fellinger
2 Emilie "3 Fingers" Reisinger
3 Florence "Black-hand" O'Rourke
4 Hildur "Gospel" Heyatt
5 Juliana "Six Gun" O'Pelt
6 Louise "Muddy" Owens
7 Louise "Red" George
8 Mildred "Bloody" Isenhower
9 Rosie "Frontier" Lackey
10 Tennessee "Calamity" Grossmann
11 Anton "Blueridge" McCue
12 Bill "Blazes" Lehs
13 Dwight "Smiley" Stootberry
14 Elijah "Skunk" Nightengale
15 Harry "Blackjack" Mahon
16 Holt "Sunset" Kendrick
17 Joesph "Whip" Prentice
18 Landon "Bean" Alves
19 Payton "Stone River" Pickle
20 Vincent "Gospel" Real


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