16 June 2021

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Random List – 40 Book titles

Books in the Douglasville, Georgia Borders store.
Books in the Douglasville, Georgia Borders store. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, you read that right (not sorry for the pun), this week the random list has 40 entries. Going to try and keep it that way, but don’t want to promise 40 each week and then not be able to get it done.

How to roll d40? Roll another dice along with your d20, such as a d6. If the d6 is odd, add 20 to the result.

D40 Book title
1 Alchemy Lore
2 Ancient Verses
3 Bestiary of the Panther
4 Book of Fishing
5 Bull Traditions
6 Childlike Traditions About Alchemy
7 Common-Draconic Dictionary
8 Dictionary of Aquan Letters
9 Dietary Habits of the Heron
10 Dietary Habits of the Horse
11 Erotic Verses
12 False Rites of the Death Deity
13 Forgotten Divination Mysteries
14 Forgotten Rituals Regarding Runecraft
15 Glossary of Ignan Words
16 Gnomish-Gnollish Dictionary
17 Goat Fables
18 History of the Eastern Kingdoms
19 Journeys of Yarmas
20 Legends of the Strength Cults
21 Lion Traditions
22 Mating Habits of the Owl
23 Merry Ballads
24 Moors Atlas
25 Mournful Verses
26 Mystic Ballads
27 Mystic Songs
28 Myths of the Desert Tribes
29 Notable Warriors of the Western Realms
30 Obscure Adventurers of the Mountain Clans
31 Obscure Sages of the Southern Regions
32 Rites Regarding Runecraft
33 Sacred Secrets of the Eastern Kingdoms
34 Secret Fables Regarding Thaumaturgy
35 Secret Lore of the Travel Divinity
36 Secret Tales Concerning Abjuration
37 Sylvan-Goblinoid Dictionary
38 Tales of the Empire
39 Travels of Agbyr
40 Veiled Legends of the Chaos Lands


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