16 April 2021

Ennead Games

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Random List – Spell Components

Spell components are often a vital part of casting an arcane or divine spell. They can provide a focus for the energies or be the material needed to make the spell flare into life. Whatever the reaso a magic user will never be caught missing their spell component pouch. The question is what ingredient do they need for their spell? Or even what is their pouch missing? Roll on the table below with a d20 and see what is needed

1 Amber
2 Apple blossom
3 Bead of glass
4 Butter
5 Cage made of silver wire
6 Claw of an umber hulk
7 Coal dust
8 Eyelash.
9 Flint
10 Hair of an infant
11 Handkerchief.
12 Holly berry
13 Mica
14 Oil
15 Pork rind
16 Quartz
17 Soot
18 Stinging nettle
19 Straw
20 Tiny golden needle.


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