20 September 2021

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Random List – Lovecraftian Horrors

This weeks generator was all about names for Lovecratian horrors. The Random List this week is some of the possible results you can get from that generator.

Roll a d20 and check below to see what creature from beyond will erode your sanity!

D20 Horror
1 The Astral Snake of Clen’oss’yan
2 The Feral Curse of Byal-zel’endox
3 The Fetid Creature of Y'gigughathalthal
4 The Flying Young of Ctha’olhiolash
5 The Formless Ones of Dryn-zhothras
6 The Horrible Scraper of Ya’zhux’tha
7 The Horrific Larva of Cthulithedendoxthorc
8 The Jeering Critter of R'ydreyigogyonyun
9 The Mad Walkers of Zothraskeshpu
10 The Mist Progeny of Faugoth
11 The Moldy Hydra of Lengiguothoainthras
12 The Obscene Fighter of Byak’thristgoth
13 The Obscene Leviathan of Bun’yon’rath
14 The Poisonous Brood of Aza’oss-thrist
15 The Purple Fiend of Nyarla’hoth-zyan
16 The Sightless Hydra of Nopurathekeshgnasssca
17 The Sliding Cannibal of Asta’ghathoa
18 The Slimy Walkers of Zy’gon-khee
19 The Star Curse of Migonzhuxrathgash
20 The Zealous Advocate of Chaug-lythrath


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