20 September 2021

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Random List – Government types (and last few days of GMS Sale)

A two-parter today – First the list below which gives 20 types of rulers/governments that you may not have heard of before.

The second is that the GMs Day sale is ending soon and Ennead Games has many items discounted on both DrivethruRPG and Open Gaming Store. But , as the adverts say, hurry before the offers end.


D20 Government
1 Anarchy – Government By None
2 Anemocracy – Government By The Wind Or By Whim
3 Barbarocracy – Government By Barbarians
4 Corpocracy – Government By Corporate Bureaucrats
5 Cottonocracy – Government By Those Involved In The Cotton Trade
6 Heptarchy – Government By Seven People
7 Isocracy – Equal Political Power
8 Jesuitocracy – Government By Jesuits
9 Logocracy – Government Of Words
10 Mesocracy – Government By The Middle Classes
11 Narcokleptocracy – Government By Those Who Profit From Trade In Illegal Drugs
12 Octarchy – Government By Eight People
13 Pantisocracy – Government By All Equally
14 Pentarchy – Government By Five Individuals
15 Phylarchy – Government By A Specific Class Or Tribe
16 Pollarchy – Government By The Multitude Or A Mob; Ochlocracy
17 Statocracy – Government By The State Alone Without Ecclesiastical Influence
18 Tetrarchy – Government By Four People
19 Thearchy – Rule By A God Or Gods; Body Of Divine Rulers
20 Timocracy – Government By The Propertied Class

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