6 May 2021

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Random List – Male Chinese names

Need Chinese name for your male characters? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

Chinese names usually consist of the family name (or surname) first and the given or “first” name second as opposed to how it is normally done in Western traditions with the given name followed by the family name.

D20 Male Chinese Name
1 Ban Hsien-feng
2 Bao Mei-shio
3 Bi Tia
4 Fang Shan-tang
5 Fen Zhong-xian
6 Huang Shi-yu
7 I Kuang-an
8 Jianbua Gui-fei
9 Jiao Wing-tat
10 Joo Ka-fei
11 Lai Xiao-gang
12 Peng Zhen-bang
13 Shen Jian-ying
14 Thean Shao-zu
15 Wang Chia-ch'ing
16 Wu Kwang-chih
17 Xia Xing-hua
18 Xia Yang-cheng
19 Yue Lian-wei
20 Yuen Ju-wei

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