16 April 2021

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Random List – Moss, weeds etc

Moss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A patch of moss is made of many tiny moss plants packed together so that they can hold water for as long as possible. A weed is a plant that people think is bad, because it is growing in the wrong place.

Need to know what odd and sometimes annoying plant is growing? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!



D20 Moss/weed etc
1 Algae
2 Benthon
3 Conferva
4 Dulse
5 Focoid
6 Focus
7 Gulfweed
8 Iceland Moss
9 Irish Moss
10 Kep
11 Plankton
12 Reindeer Moss
13 RockWeed
14 Sargasso
15 Sargassum
16 Sea Lettuce
17 Seaweed
18 Sea Wrack
19 Stonewort
20 Wrack


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