6 May 2021

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Random List – Poison Names

Poisons come in many types, some names induce fear just from their name alone, as those familiar with it know just how dangerous “Gaia’s Gas” can be in the wrong hands.

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D20 Poison Name
1 Alchemists Darkness
2 Black Special
3 Bloating Touch
4 Cockatrice Sleep
5 Dark Caress
6 Deaths Curse
7 Eastern Midnight
8 Eastern Toxin
9 Elven Dust
10 Elven Midnight
11 Envoker’s Grudge
12 Gaia’s Gas
13 Green Bane
14 Hags Night
15 Last Spore
16 Luminous Rancour
17 Sanguine Day
18 Southern Breath
19 Southern Impulse
20 Western Spice

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