16 April 2021

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Random List – Rare and exotic animal companions

Druids and other classes often have animal companions. They act as guards,  friends and can be a great asset in battle and other situations. Some of the animals can be rare or hard to find. The question is, which animal has nature bestowed on the animal-friendly character?

D20 Rare & Exotic Animal
1 Bear
2 Camel
3 Condor
4 Cougar
5 Coyote
6 Dire Wolf
7 Elk
8 Giant Eagle
9 Giant Owl
10 Giant Spider
11 Gorilla
12 Griffon
13 Hippogriff
14 Hyena
15 Lion
16 Lynx
17 Panther
18 Pegasus
19 Tiger
20 Wolverine


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