15 June 2021

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Random List – Soups, Stews etc.

English: Deutsch: Irish Stew
English: Deutsch: Irish Stew (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A soup is a kind of food made by boiling things in water. A stew is a dish cooked for a long time, and served in the gravy produced by the cooking. The basic materials may be any meat and/or vegetables. It is ideal for tough meat

Need to decide what soup or stew is on offer? ? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Soups Stews etc.
1 Bisque
2 Borscht
3 Bouillon
4 Broth
5 Chowder
6 Consume
7 Goulash
8 Grits
9 Gumbo
10 Matelote
11 Mush
12 Oatmeal
13 Poisson
14 Potpourri
15 Pottage
16 Puree
17 Ragout
18 Stew
19 Stock
20 Vichyssoise


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