Random List – Spell Names

Need a name for a random spell? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Spell Name
1 Ancestral Curse
2 Blinding Slayer
3 Blinking Armor
4 Dissipating Ritual
5 Exhausting Shield
6 Explosive Obliteration
7 Exponential Radiance
8 Holy Beam
9 Humanoid Devastation
10 Imprisoning Deflection
11 Intelligent Missile
12 Loud Pestilence
13 Lustful Weather
14 Permanent Curse
15 Shattering Rite
16 Supreme Knowledge
17 Supreme Shift
18 Triumphant Illusion
19 Triumphant Mind
20 Unholy Breathe

Need more? Then get “Quick Generator – Spell Names” for thousands of possible combinations.


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