10 April 2021

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Random List – Starship Prefixs and Names

Another simple one this week – 20 Starship names with Randomly Generated (yet still maxing sense) prefixes, such as HMS (Her Majestys Starship) or RSV (Republic Star Vessel)

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D20 Prefix and Name
1 CGM Sea Rious
2 HMS Vampire
3 HMV Einsteinium
4 HMV Hammerhead
5 HMV Storm of Rimmon
6 IPS Ah Peku
7 IPV Castledale
8 ISS Confidence of Amurru
9 ISV Challenger
10 JGN Netherarbor
11 KNV Eradication of Math
12 LIC Hornet
13 NIR Athens
14 QNV Redeemer
15 RSV Vampire
16 UJS Greater fire elemental
17 UMV Aisoyimstan
18 UUV Reincarnation
19 VSS Kraken Me Up
20 XSS Unfathomable


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