8 March 2021

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Random List – Steampunk Inventions

Need some steam punk invedntions? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Invention
1 Bishop Obediah Wood V's Energetic Greased Powered Chamber
2 Dame Wright's Tethered Linking Manservant
3 Dr Clarey's Rocking Bladder
4 Ejecting Health Eviscerator of Virginia Cavendish
5 Electric Crystaline Crystaline Propeller of Florence Hendricks
6 Golden Blade of Duchess Margaret Cambridge
7 Howard's Morphic Chemical Lamp
8 Kingdom's Greased Difference Welded Piston
9 King's Radium Gilded Shroud
10 Linking Morphic Battery of Bishop Permelia Anderson
11 Linking Smoldering Fantastic Goggles of Gladys Hayes
12 Original Welded Nictic Eye of Ralph Nelson II
13 Prescient Morphic Technique of Wigley IV
14 Princess Stanley's Atomising Connecting Plating
15 Revolving Explosive Dynamic Thermos of Paul Fletcher III
16 Selle's Bonded Explosive Coral Cannon
17 Spring Aero Volcanic Bellow of Jonathan Conroy V
18 Transcendent Connecting Cannon of Cynthia Kingdom
19 Viscount Morgan U. Brinton III's Golden Winch
20 Viscountess Hortence Myers's Gilded Yoke


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