RIGS 4.02 – Whip of Bridges

An Australian bullwhip

An Australian bullwhip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RIGS 4.02 – Whip of Bridges

“We could never understand Fingles obsession with whips and chains. He was always a bit odd like that. Anyway, his whip collection proved to be a benefit one day. He damn well tricked us, saying he could make a bridge in under an hour to get over the Grassy Gorge after the last storm took out the only bridge out of town. He never told us where he got the whip from, but when he stood there and cracked it and the bridge appeared from the tip of the whip…I lost that bet and the town gained a new bridge”

Whip of Bridges
Power Level: Greater (7)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Few – 5 years
Condition: Excellent (8)

A simply looking whip, with a leather bound handle and an even longer vine like strip attached. The pommel of the handle has embedded within it what appears to be a small orb made of glass or gemstone that glows when the whip is used. When made to crack, the whip creates a long but simple bridge, approximately 6 feet wide and made from what appears to be a simple type of wood that resembles oak.

Using the whip is simple. You must position yourself on one side of a hole, valley, or crevasse, as close to the edge as possible. Pressing down on the small globe at the end of the pommel, you then have approximately 12 seconds to crack the whip as hard as possible. The direction you crack the whip will determine the direction the bridge is made. The bridge itself is permanent but has no special properties or treatments. The whip can be used once per day, resetting at sunrise.

If the user is not aligned correctly when the whip is activated, the bridge will be misaligned and have to be removed manually. If the facing of the user is off by a large margin, then the bridge may become unstable and collapse when used. The other downside is that the, whilst the bridge that is summoned appears to have no limits to its length, it has no supports and if the gap it spans is too large it may collapse or fall apart from its own weight
Removing the gemstone from the pommel will render the whip powerless.


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