15 June 2021

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RIGS 4.09 – Statues of the Owls

A carved owl at Süchterscheid
A carved owl at Süchterscheid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RIGS 4.09 – Statues of the Owls

“Not many people know that the two rather large owl statues outside the Olisk Museum of Natural History used to be rather potent magical items. It’s the truth. They were placed there after the Golem Uprising in 1212. It was said they would answer questions of children and visitors with a kindly voice and watched over those who visited. Such a shame we’re now in the middle of a null-magic zone. Would love to see them and speak to them.”

Statues of the Owls
Power Level: Mundane (0)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Decades – 80 years
Condition: Fair (4)

A twin pair of statues, almost 20 feet high and made from a type of granite carved into the shape of an owl.

When it was active, the SotO would animate into an owl-like a construct that would attack those that entered the museum it guarded with malicious intent. They were practically indestructible and moved at a speed that was very surprisingly quiet for something that size. A secondary power granted them knowledge of the place they guarded and could answer almost any question in numerous languages and dialects about the location they protected. If they didn’t know or was not allowed to answer for security reasons, they would know who to direct the questioner to.

The SotO require a constant supply of magical energy to operate, even when in stand-by mode and not being active. Without this supply, the owls turn into normal a normal pair of statues.

AS the SotO has now power right now, destroying it is as simple as destroying a normal statue made of stone. If it ever gets repowered then it becomes almost indestructible.
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