5 March 2021

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RIGS 5.05 – Axe of Destruction

A medieval battle axe
A medieval battle axe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RIGS 5.05 – Axe of Destruction

“That dammed weapon was never meant to be. I tried lifting myself but by the 12 gods and The Sleeping One, it was heavy, unlike I have ever felt before. Storag the Strog just managed to lift the thing. Even then he dropped it and we got a mear glimpse of it’s power. From where he dropped a wave of pure force erupted outwards. Everything this wave hit was destroyed. Walls fell, trees split into tiny fragments. It even hit a poor goat who got in the way. The poor thing exploded. The nearby wizard tells us we were lucky and that if the axe had been dropped in another direction it would have headed towards our hometown. To this day, we still have no idea how the axe got there in the first place…”

Axe of Destruction
Power Level: Artefact (10)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Few – 4 years
Condition: Good (6)

Although the Axe of Destruction (AoD) looks like a normal singled bladed axe, it is, in fact, one solid piece of metal that has been carved and painted by highly skilled artisans and painters to resemble wood or leather etc. Due to its unusual weight, some belive it was designed to be held by a creature with incredible strength or power.

The major power is to unleash a wave of destructive energy in the direction the axe is used. The greater the force applied the further this wave travels.
A secondary power allows the Axes weight to be temporarily negated for one hour, once per day. This allows it to be wielded as a normal axe, in effect turning off the major power. When in this mode the axe is still indestructible but is treated otherwise as a normal axe with the smallest possible enchantment.

The main downside to the AoD is its weight. Being made from a unique alloy makes it extremely heavy and only the strongest can use it, even then it will take a major toil on their body. Anyone using it becomes very weak and can’t move properly after lifting it, even if the main power is not activated.

As an artefact, Destroying the AoD requires careful and complicated rituals. Its destructive power must be activated and somehow channelled back on itself. Even this will not break the Axe permanently as you then only have a brief window to un-forge the item.
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