11 April 2021

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RIGS 5.08 – Shortbow of Winter

RIGS 5.08 – Shortbow of Winter

“This bow has been in our family for several generations. Stories Gramps told us about it suggested that it was not that powerful,but had its uses, during the many conflicts with both the djinn and the summoned fire elementals in ’76. The very air would become crisp with each arrow let loose, those then impacted would be covered in frost and snow. For those with the fire in their blood and flesh, it would be deadly. It helped keep us safe and I can even remember a tale told that gramps himself was saved by this bow when he fell into a rive. The ice-rock it created helped to stop him from drowning.
But those days are gone and the djinn and their servants of fire are to be returning to here to finish us off for good…”

Shortbow of Winter
Power Level: Mundane (0)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Many – 34 years
Condition: Excellent (8)

The Shortbow of Winter(SoW), is at first glance a normal looking bow. When fully charged its surface would be lined with carvings and runes that appear to be made from a clear blue ice, but now are absent. Those who can detect magic or enchantments will detect the faintest aura around this bow, but not enough to know what effect it once possessed.

Although unpowered now, when it was active, the SoW could create snow and ice based effects. Merely pulling back the string would create an icicle in the shape of an arrow. When the ice-arrow landed it would freeze the area around it. If this was water, for example, ice blocks would form. Those who have a strong connection to fire, such as elementals would suffer as if they had been hit by acid and it would do them a massive amount of damage.
As a minor power/effect, those that hold the bow feel cooler than others, as if the bow itself is reducing their temperature. Each year though even this power is weakening and will dissipate within 12 years.

The major downside to the short bow of winter is the fact it needs to be repowered to be useful once again. Doing so would require it to be taken to a place once called the “Forge of Ice”, rumoured to be a place where fires are blue and “burn” with a supernatural cold

As the bow is unpowered it’s treated as a well made but hard to break item. If the bows power is ever returned to it, then it will be almost impossible to destroy with normal means and require the forge to be the hottest possible to negate the chilling effect.
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