1 August 2021

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RIGS SciFi 1.05 – Corrosive Projector

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RIGS SciFi 1.05 – Corrosive Projector

“Field Report – Operative #257: We have been assigned field testing the new projector hand-cannon. We were told that it used a form of highly corrosive acid, in a sealed shell, which when then fired towards the target. Lance Corporal Jamestown, who was a history buff, informed me that back on Terra, projectors were a simple mortar-like weapon that could throw large drums filled with flammable or toxic chemicals. I say “was” a history buff as Jamestown was also testing what was supposed to be an acid proof combat suit. One of these tests was successful and the other one failed. My recommendation is to have the designer of the suit be forced to listen to Jamestown scream as the corrosive liquid dissolved his body….”

Activation: Pulling trigger
Complexity: 4%
Condition: A few scrapes and dents
Control method: Aiming

A mortar looking weapon designed to fire corrosive acid projectiles. The Corrosive Projector is sometimes aptly called the Acid-Motar. When it hits the target zone, this highly corrosive projectile explodes. This explosion is simply a medium for spreading its payload, a potent yet short-lived acid.

Abilities and Features
The corrosive projector is very simple to operate. You load a canister into the firing chamber, close the chamber door. Aim the weapon and fire. The range can be adjusted, but must be above 2 meters, the minimum firing distance. The canisters, referred to as projectiles, can have various modifications to them, from long range stabilisers to increased payloads. In theory, this ammunition can be used in any other motor, but the firing chamber on the CP is designed to not only contain the corrosive liquid in case of a breach but one of the few weapons that can hold the unique canisters the corrosive liquid is safely held in. It can fire regular or standard projectiles as well if needed.

The major downside for this weapon should be obvious. The splash zone of where the projector hits its target can be quite large. The other major downside is that if there is a misfire or it jams, the weapon is essentially useless as the corrosive material is loose within the firing chamber. Aiming the weapon is considered an artform as you have to factor in many aspects. An experienced CP operator is often hard to find.
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