26 July 2021

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RIGS SciFi 2.06 – Hyper-Glue Dispenser

RIGS SciFi 2.06 – Hyper-Glue Dispenser

“Hyper-Glue? Yeah, I’ve seen that stuff in action. It’s both amazing and rather terrifying at the same time. You remember the bit on the news-net about Space Flight Bravo-98x? How it almost came apart in re-entry? Yeah, that one! What they didn’t broadcast until later was the ship was literally held together by hyper-glue. They just squirted the gunk from the dispenser onto a panel and it held together, even through the heat of re-entry. Been told it could hold together during the jump to FTL or hyperspace as well, but that’s not been tested. As for why it’s bad? Well, lets the company slogan about it sticking anything to anything is literally true…”

Activation: pressing the plunger
Complexity: 29%
Condition: Brand New
Control method: n/a

The Hyper-Glue Dispenser (HGD) resembles a normal glue gun but instead has two cartridges slots for each part of the hyper-glue mixture. It has a disposable nozzle system, which is required to be changed after each use, as the mixture blocks the outlet. It comes in many sizes and colors, with nozzles that allow for mass usage or a more fine or accurate use.

Abilities and Features
The dispenser in itself is rather boring. The real prize is the hyper-glue it makes and dispenses. This glue can stick anything to anything – literally. Once the two chemicals are mixed and exposed to air, there is meant to be a 30-second delay before the adhesive forms the final bonding, but for most people, it is viable after 20 seconds or so. Studies have shown that, at the molecular level, the two materials are now fused, as if they are one item

The first major downside to the HGD should be obvious. You cannot afford to get the mixed compound on anything you don’t want to be stuck together. The second is that cheap knockoff models of the HGD are very unreliable. If not made properly, the HGD can leak or even explode, covering all those within range with Hyper-glue, for which there is no known solvent. Trying to wash it off with water merely speeds up the bonding process.


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