29 July 2021

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RIGS SciFi 2.09 – Temporal Throne

RIGS SciFi 2.09 – Temporal Throne

“Why is it made from an old throne? All that metal, stone and gold? Ok, ok I get it. It helps to focus the energies required for temporal projection. And yes I’ll admit it does look rather snazzy. But you do release an inherent problem with this concept, don’t you? Apart from the astronomical amount of power this device will require I mean. The person sitting on the throne CANNOT MOVE!…”

Activation: button presses
Complexity: 17%
Condition: Old, worn out looking
Control method: control panel in armrest



As with many other retrofitted technologies, the Temporal Throne resembles a throne that might have been found in the court of a European monarch. As thrones go it is not particularly fancy nor large, but even after the necessary modifications have been made still resembles something fit for a queen or king to rule from.

Abilities and Features

The throne allows the one that is sitting on the throne to view or even interact with the area around the throne. The first mode of operations – known as “viewing” mode allows the one sitting on the throne to view the past as if they was there, with a second mode allowing the throne to physically manifest in the past and the user to talk to and even interact with anyone around the location.


Apart from the obscene power requirements that seem to be common for most time travel devices, the major downside to the TT is that it cannot move. The person sitting on it can only view or interact with the area around the throne in the current, past or future. Extending the user’s vision is possible but increases the power requirements exponentially. Leaving the throne when it is in “interaction” mode is incredibly dangerous as the user’s sub-atomic particles are in two time frames at once for a brief moment. This can result in a rather messy result.


R.I.G.S. Results (SciFi) Volume 1, available here
DrivethruRPG – http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/201455/RIGS-SciFi-Volume-1
Open Gaming Store – https://www.opengamingstore.com/collections/ennead-games/products/r-i-g-s-sci-fi-volume-1

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