Name Maker Volume 1 – Halflings & RPG Round Up

Name Maker Volume 1 – Halflings & RPG Round Up

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Name Maker Volume 1 – Halflings

The Helpful List series, also by Ennead Games, provide lists of 100 pre-generated names to help save on time when creating characters. But sometimes you want more options or just need to come up with lots of various names based around a theme at once.

The Name Maker helps to fill that void. Each volume contains a themed series of first names (these can double up as middle names) for female and male characters, although there is nothing stopping you from mixing the names, plus surnames, also called family or clan names.

This volume covers Halfling names. Examples that can be made with this system are listed below
Amy Appleback
Gisela Finehollow
Amber Knotcorn

Bavo Rootpie
Hagen Grubbcreek
Tobias Handythorn

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