Campaign Chunks Volume 8 out now & RPG Round Up

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CC cover 8Campaign Chunk Volume 8

A Campaign Chunk is an item, place or something else that can fit into any campaign or story with little or no modification although some will be more suited to certain genres than others.

They have few stats (if any) and help provide starting grounds for adventures or help fill in the gaps when your players go off exploring and you need something for them to do. Each has several hooks or rumour that can be used. Which of these are true and which are false?

Originally first published on the blog/website of Ennead Games, these Chunks have been compiled into a handy volume. Their details may have been cleaned up and more hooks or rumours added to them, but they basically the same.

  • Book of the Dead – An ancient Egyptian funerary text.
  • Farbrough Penal Colony – A remote island prison that can only be accessed by a 30 minutes boat ride.
  • Fig Plants – This chunk is all about a soft, sweet fruit.
  • Grand Tour – A grueling bike race across varied terrain.
  • Hoodening – An odd tradition where someone is on a hobby-horse and has a cloth made from old sacks placed over them.
  • International Space Authority – An organisation to help prevent clashes and to oversee international co-operation.
  • Solaris, the solar powered town – Solaris is a home for testing new or improved design in energy production.
  • Vertigo City – A large city within a city.
  • “What if?” Magazine – “What if?” is a speculative fiction magazine.
  • Young Explorers – Many countries have some kind of organisation that supports young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development.

Available at Drivethru now (product link) and and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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