RPG Round Up

RPG Round Up

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What’s been going on in the world of RPGs and gaming this week. Covers the latest posts from my favourite other rpg related blogs, comics and more


BL: Advent 2017 – Day 14 “First Lord of the Imperium”
Malcador the Sigilite is the center of today's audio drama at the heart of the Imperium. If you've been waiting to get caught-up on your fill of Black Library back-stories and lore then now is the time of year to jump in.The post BL: Advent 2017 – Day 14 “First Lord [...]
Fri, Dec 15, 2017
Source: Bell of Lost Souls
A new wave of Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures has arrived! These miniatures from WizKids feature a number of distinguished creatures and characters—from a Silver Dragon and Dire Wolf, to Infantrymen, Merchants, Town Guards and Townspeople. Several great miniatures from pervious waves are still in stock, such as Bugbears, Evil [...]
Thu, Dec 14, 2017
Source: Paizo
Into the Deep Dark (5e) This module clocks in at 43 pages of content, 44 if you count the gorgeous full-color map on the inside of the front cover. (The inside of the back cover has btw. one of the most hilarious images I have seen in all my years as [...]
Thu, Dec 14, 2017
Why should the GM care about Marching Order? After all, it's purely in the hands of the players what order their characters are in. Well, as usual, it's not quite that simple. First, if you can anticipate the marching order, you can plan encounters either to take advantage of it, [...]
Thu, Dec 14, 2017
Source: Campaign Mastery
Matrix Computer Security Image
I've been working in computer security, in some fashion, since the early 1990s. One of the key concepts in this field is to separate processes on computing systems, so they can't talk to each other or read/write data between each other . . . unless done so in an explicit [...]
Thu, Dec 14, 2017
Source: Gnome Stew


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