29 July 2021

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[Sample Output] – Corporation Name & Slogan

Got a new type of post trialing today, one that shows sample output from various generators I make.  Not sure if this will be a regular thing. Todays sample shows you what you can get when you combine two PDFs – Corporate Name and Slogan generator.


Name and Slogan
1 Advanced Logistics – "Orchestrate a finer you"
2 Alternative Power – "Bringing about your well being"
3 Andromeda Manufacturing – "You are your legacy"
4 Associated Medical – "Becasue you want what is to come"
5 Beta Company – "Promising an exceptional future"
6 China Integration – "Improving a better life"
7 Corp Name and Slogan Micro Bionics – "Connecting for better technology"
8 Cryo- Agriculture – "Fabricate an extraordinary tommrow"
9 Custom Pharmaceuticals – "Perfection for what you value most"
10 Experimental Legal – "Dreaming of the finer things"
11 Global Containers – "The masters of a magical life"
12 Helios Supplies – "Hope for a finer life"
13 Lion Limited – "Generate your health"
14 Mega Hardware – "Leverage a wonderful tommrow"
15 Meridian Refrigeration – "Consider the success you deserve"
16 Pioneer Brokers – "Be prepared for what is best in life"
17 Silver Equipment – "Devloping a wonderful world"
18 Tempest Metallurgy – "A vision of the best life has to offer"
19 Titan Enterprises – "We do your life"
20 Universal Atomic – "Constructing an exceptional world"

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