27 September 2021

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[Sample] – The Mega-chicken of Ultras-4

This is a sample generated from the up-coming release of MVK4- Life  – The results are randomly generated and this is a perfect example of why rolling on dice charts can produce interesting results

The Mega-Chicken of Ultras-4

A hen chicken (Gallus gallus)
A hen chicken (Gallus gallus) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The planet of Ultras-4 was one of the first planets humanity attempted terraforming. All was going well until livestock was brought from Earth. The rare minerals & radiation on the planet caused many mutations in the livestock and 99% of them died, except a simple farmyard animal known for the laying of its egg.


This was the ancestor of what was to become known as the Mega-chicken.


The planet was abandoned not long after, but regular scouts were sent. None returned, until one day, almost 500 years later.


Over a few generations, it had mutated from the humble creature it once was to this beast, named by the first being to encounter it in its evolved/mutated form and survive. Its life span and size drastically increased, as did its aggression. It developed the taste for meat, especially human meat, until it was a true carnivore.  It developed a long prehensile elephant like nose, with its beak still on the end.


Luckily the increase in lifespan reduced the reproduction cycle to once in the creatures lifetime, with an average of 2 per birth.


The mutations continued over a short period of time until the result is this abomination and affront to nature.



Mega-chicken meat still tastes like normal chicken, but is of a higher quality and is a lot more expensive.

Size Large (6)
Age/Lifespan 200 years
Colour Same as a normal chicken
Communication Speech/Vocalisation
Diet Carnivore
Height/Length 13 feet high
Limbs No change
IQ Dull (80)
Movement Gliding/Jumping
PT 20
Reproduction – Method Mammalian/internal


Reproduction – Litter Size 2 or 3 per birth
Reproduction – Cycle Once in its lifetime
Senses – Sight Acuity : 20/10

Eyes: 2 (Retractable Stalks)

Senses – Smell Sensitivity: 1

Type: Prehensile

Senses – Sound FR: Human

VT: 60

NOE: 3

Style: Candle/Flame shaped

Senses – Taste TR: 3

Mouth: Beak

Senses – Touch Rating : 1
Shape Same as base creature
Skin/Hide Normal (Feathers)
Speed 12 mph
Strength Own weight (1x)
Terrain Land
Temp 00/50 Celsius
Weight 500 pounds



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