16 January 2021

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SciFI Material Name Generator now live

Quick and simple generator this week, with a SciFI Material Name Generator. This generator is for coming up with sci-fi or futuristic sounding materials. Clicking on the link in the header of the sample below will take you straight to the gen page. Post any interesting, amusing or other good results on twitter or other social media platforms, or in the comments section below

Sci-Fi Materials
# Material Name
#1 Cyclic Cobalt
#2 Reflective Plastic
#2 Shielded Glue
#4 Magnification Zirconium
#5 Denatured Silver
#6 Micro Iridium
#7 Regenerating Diamond
#8 Modulated Magnesium
#9 Harmonic Skin
#10 Adaptive Bronze
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