16 April 2021

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Sibling Details generator now live

Work continues to expand the Background and Details generator and this week adds siblings to the mixture. To save on essentially having to duplicate the Female/Male/etc entries in the database, they are referred to as female and male, rather than brother or sister. This is a bit different from the others as it provides 10 possible options to choose from. Each character should then be treated as their own NPC and have details generated for them if required.

# 1 3 (2 older Female & Female, 1 younger Female)
# 2 No siblings
# 3 Part of a multiple birth (6 – (Female,Male,Female,Female,Male,Female))
# 4 3 (3 older Other,Male,Other)
# 5 2 (2 older Female,Female)
# 6 Part of a multiple birth (5 – (Female,Female,Female,Male,Male))
# 7 2 (2 younger Unknowable,Female)
# 8 Part of a multiple birth (4 – (Male,Male,Male,Male))
# 9 2 (1 older Female, 1 younger Male)
# 10 2 (2 younger Male,Male)

The Backgrounds and Detials Generator should now look something like this, with the sibling option added –

Background & Details
Quick Age Adult
Gender Female
Species Half-Elf
Profession Lamplighter
Personality Inconsiderate
Family Parents Mother Alive and well
Father Alive and well
Marital Status Still together, never married
Relationship with character Strict and trying to control everything
Siblings Siblings 2 (1 older Female, 1 younger Unknowable)


Next week I;ll be adding personal relationships and children. Is the character involved with someone and do they have any children of their own?

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