8 March 2021

Ennead Games

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Space Vehicle Concept generator now live

Adding to the  small number of sci-fi themed generators today but putting up the space vehicle concept generator. This is used when you just need the basic details of a space-going vehicle, such as the type or a short description and not a lot of details.

As normal, clicking on the header in the sample output below will take you right to the generator page.

Space Vehicle
#1 Breaking-up Obsolete Colony
#2 Organic Enhanced Observatory
#3 Prototype Survey vessel
#4 Heavy Shielded Combat Medic
#5 Ultra-Heavy Primed Defensive Constructor
#6 Overclocked Fighter
#7 Sub-space Assault
#8 Defensive Monitor
#9 Dirty Unique Interceptor
#10 Ultra-Light Slow Automated Missionary
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