Spell Options 4 – Bestow Curse & RPG Round Up

Spell Options 4 – Bestow Curse & RPG Round Up

Spell Options 4 – Bestow Curse

For many a seasoned adventurer and explorer, magic can become, whilst still a useful tool, boring. You know what a certain spell is effective for, or how potent you need to be to use the spell found on a scroll.

The Spell Options series is a way of tweaking existing spells without using feats. You can change the color, make the spell weaker and thus easier to cast or make them more powerful but unstable.

Each volume of the Spell Options series gives you ways of tweaking spells to make them more varied.
Inside you’ll find :-

Basic and simple core rules or tweaking spells
Optional rules for when you want to use this system, but feel it is a bit overpowered
The Spell Options system tweaks spells, but at a cost in spell levels. Assuming you know the spell in the first place you can then customize it in one of three ways: Cosmetic, Beneficial, and Penalties.

Cosmetic Changes change the way a spell looks. These options do not cost SL.
Benefits make increases the spells potency, but make it harder to cast.
Penalties reduce the potency of the spell in some way but make it easier or less draining to cast.
These can be combined in various ways to turn an “ordinary” spell into something that makes your opponent go “Wait..just what spell is it they are casting?”

Plus in this volume, you’ll get a d20 table with simple options for the effects of the curse

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