17 May 2021

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SS Random List – Adventure Sites

This weeks Seventh Sanctum List comes from thier Adventure Site Generator, which is useful for creating names for those odd places your players may find on a map. What they will find in that location is another matter.

D20 Adventure site name
1 Crag of Destiny
2 Enchanted Spire of the Void
3 Floating Citadel of Subterranian Decay
4 Foul Abyss of Underwater Spirits
5 Frozen Monument of Battle
6 Ghostly Castle of Blasphemy
7 Grotto of Cursed Insanity
8 Haunted Hall of Falsehood
9 Island of Unspeakable Words
10 Keep of Automatons
11 Profane Stronghold of Misery
12 Ruins of Suffering
13 Steel Demense of Insanity
14 Subterranian Arena of Hell
15 Subterranian Tomb
16 Terrifying Tomb of Deception
17 Tunnel of Deception
18 Unknowable Cenotaph of Steel
19 Vault of Hate
20 Woodland of Dreams

This list was made using results generated by the generators on Seventh Sanctum

Generator Link : Adventure Site Generator

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