20 September 2021

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SS Random List – Disease Names

Diseases exist in every world and game. Below are the names for 20 diseases, but what are their symptoms, the cures and how lethal are they?

D20 Disease Name
1 Bad Burning Fester
2 Dock Plague
3 Dragon's Pink Scalp
4 Elephant's Malady
5 Flux Blindness
6 Great Atrophy
7 Infernal Stroke
8 Intestinal Sores
9 Iron Chill
10 Lady's Ague
11 Large Liver
12 Large Miasma
13 Lock Annihilation
14 Lymph Stroke
15 Orange Lunacy
16 Queen's Lock Attack
17 Stone Reflux
18 Terror Malady
19 Tick's Abyss Pain
20 Vomiting Necrosis

This list was made using results generated by the generators on Seventh Sanctum

Generator Link : Disease Generator

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