9 March 2021

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SS Random List – Era Names

An era is a period of time marked by character, events, changes etc. They are often named, and that is what this list provides. Roll a D20 and see what era you are dealing with.

D20 Era Name
1 The Age of the Degenerates
2 The Bacteriological Century
3 The Complete Age
4 The Cycle of the Fiends
5 The Epoch of Dissolution
6 The Epoch of Fatal Conjuration
7 The Era of the Cosmic Discovery
8 The Era of the Tomb
9 The Gainful Century
10 The Moral Epoch of Conjuration
11 The Opulent Century of the Genome
12 The Orbital Cycle
13 The Orbital Cycle of Discovery
14 The Orbital Cycle of Enchantment
15 The Shining Era
16 The Time of the Black Moon
17 The Time of the Hellish Cathartic
18 The Time of the Mechanism
19 The Time of the Weakening Sun
20 The Unblemished Era of Destruction

This list was made using results generated by the generators on Seventh Sanctum

Generator Link :Era Namer

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