20 April 2021

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SS Random List – I.T. Departments

This weeks random list from Seventh Sanctum gives you some I.T. department names,suitable for those large and bureaucratic corporations and companies you find in many a sci-fi or modern game or story.

D20 I.T. Department Name
1 Agency of Code Connectivity
2 Agency of Computer Control
3 Agency of Statistical Multimedia Installation and Connectivity
4 Branch of Applied Hardware Security and practical Application Control
5 Branch of Computer Acquisition and Connectivity
6 Bureau of Multimedia Installation and Connectivity
7 Bureau of Open-Source Programming Maintenance and E-Commerce Database Troubleshooting
8 Bureau of practical PC Connectivity and Computer Networking
9 Department of Open-Source Telecommunications Administration
10 Department of PC Acquisition
11 Division of Extranet Telecommunications Maintenance
12 Division of Internet Development
13 Division of Internet Networking
14 Division of Intranet Backup
15 Division of Network Control
16 Division of On-Line Data Installation and Business-Oriented Computer Backup
17 E-Commerce Code Development Department
18 Statistical PC Troubleshooting and practical Programming Technology Branch
19 Statistical Software Administration Department
20 Wireless Mainframe Networking Branch

This list was made using results generated by the generators on Seventh Sanctum

Generator Link : IT Department Generator

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