4 March 2021

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State of Things – A Ennead Games/Blog Update

What’s this? A blog update? But I thought it had been abandoned I hear you cry!

Worry not! This blog post is, as the name suggests, a way for me to update you about how things are going and what I am doing about stuff for the future.

First things first – Unless my financial situation goes really belly up, the blog and the generator will not be going anywhere (more about that later). The last few weeks, well, months if I am brutally honest, I was on the verge of burning out along with some other mental health issues. So, I wound things down, like with my workload for EG and the blog.

Whilst I don’t want to say I am back to full strength, mentally speaking, I am doing better, but will still have to take things easy.  I’ll break things down into various sections to explain my plans , but first a caveat – This is not a 100% “how things are going to be” plan, but more of a “this is how I hope things will go” roadmap with no definite timeline, as the previous experience has shown me that my physical and mental health is unpredictable at best, especially with regards to the latter, so I don’t want to be putting too much pressure on myself and undo the good work I have done etc.

A lot of these will be a reset/restart of things, starting from scratch, as if the blog was new – But I won’t be deleting or getting rid of the older posts etc, just not referencing/promoting them.


The Blog

Goals :

  1. Posting about when a new PDF comes out
  2. Reminder posts – This will be used to “fill in the gaps” and tell people about my online stores, twitter etc
  3. More frequent, but smaller posts – The mini lists always seemed to go down well and they will be returning on Fridays as a minimum – Will still be keeping to a M to F posting schedule, with an occasional Saturday and Sunday posts. Doesn’t mean a post will happen every day, but I will be aiming for more than once a week
  4. The templates I use for each blog post will have links to online stores, Twitter, Twitch and so-on in each post – This will be a linked table so I can change on aspect and everything linked to that table will auto update



The is the main crunch of things – I am still looking for a way to make generators for the site easier and quicker for me to implement. Eventually, I want every generator pdf I have to have a corresponding online version here for people to use freely and to help promote the pdf itself. This is going to be the hardest item to implement as it needs to be something I can bring in easy and not have to spend an hour each time.




The current “two-week” plan – where I bring a PDF out every two weeks, will be supplemented by occasional releases of lists related to an item I brought out in that month – like a list of pre-generated results In effect the “Helpful List” series will be returning. These will not be part of my normal promotions and more of a supplement, so things like customer discounts and so on will not apply BUT to make up for that the price will, with very few exceptions, be $1.



Ironically, streaming has helped me a lot with things, that and getting into a regular D&D game with some awesome people and the same for “Star Trek Adventures” every couple of weeks. This will be staying to same and I’ll be aiming to promote the stream more.



This is the big one, the one I have had the hardest time with. Not sure what to do about this as being a one-man operation (well, one man and one cat) leaves little time for me to do everything I need and promote at the same time. Options that cost more than a few pounds to use are sadly, for the moment, out. It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation, need money to promote so I can make money to promote etc etc. Automatic posting of older posts/content is something i am looking into.


To end things, I really hope it all works out the way i want it to, but you know what they say about plans and surviving contact with the enemy (eg life, mental health issues etc)


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