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Adventure Outline Maker & RPG Round Up

adventure-outline-makerAdventure Outline Maker

As a GM or a story creator, you can often find yourself stuck for ideas. Especially after your players decide to go off carefully beaten track you designed. Or you forgot your notes and need to come up with at least the outline for an adventure in a few moments.

The Adventure Outline Maker is for just those kinds of moments. Using a series of d100 tables it creates an adventure outline, with contact type, your quest/mission, where it is, and what complication there is, or what help you may get, even a suggested reward. This outline is then used to help you come up with a full adventure or side quest.

Each aspect table has 100 entries, with some duplication to reflect the more common entries.

There are also two examples outlines included, showing how the process works and taking you through it step by step. You will need to flesh out the details yourself, but that is not a hard thing to do and Ennead Games can help with that as well, with our numerous generators for backgrounds, names and more.

2 example outlines, showing how the system can be used to quickly
8 d100 tables that can be combined in a high number of ways to produce an outline in a simple and easy way.
These tables are:
Contact – Personality & Contact – Profession tells you about who gave you the quest/primary point of contact.
Quest – Action & Quest – Target – These two together tell you what is needed and what the target is
Location tells you where you should go
Complication – If something can go wrong, this table tells you what it is.
Help & Opposition – Do you get aid from others or are there active groups out to hinder you
Reward – What have you been promised as a reward for your endeavours.

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Adventure Outline – “One of our actors is missing…”

Adventure Outline – “One of our actors is missing…”
The Theatre and Actors Guild needs your players help to locate a missing actor

The Theatre and Actors Guild (TAG), is well know across the region for promoting and assisting it members and helping when disputes arise.
Their members work together to better the industry as a whole and are in many ways the same as any other trade guild. This however requires funds.
Some of this money comes from member tithes but TAG also runs regular fund-raising events and special shows. occasionally they manage to get assistance from business and famed actors from across the land.

The next fund-raiser, on paper at least looked like it cold be their biggest event yet...

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5 plots and rewards for a fantasy setting

Temple on the Depths of the Earth
The main characters are asked by a valet to explore a warrior in a stronghold but have to contend with a mercenary while being confronted by riddles.
They are rewarded with rare/expensive drink

In Search Of Sinister Grimoire
The main characters are asked by a thatcher to get past a magic item at a cave but have to contend with a former ally while being confronted by a construct.
They are rewarded with membership to the Blacksmiths guild

In Search Of Unknown Wastes
The main characters lose a wager to a seer and must kill a wizard in a castle but have to contend with a cult while being confronted by money.
They are rewarded with a magical animal

God of the Harpy Wastes
The main characters blackmailed by a engraver to escape from a magic spell at a fane but h...

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10 adventure/plot seeds

  1. steal a noble in the underworld, and must contend with a ruler while being confronted by a vendetta.
  2. meet a monster in a town, and must contend with a friend .
  3. join a kingdom in the desert, and must contend with an outlaw .
  4. support a construct in the north, and must contend with a conspiracy while being confronted by a trap.
  5. deliver some peasants at a cave, and must contend with a dragon .
  6. battle a village in the west, and must contend with a time dilemma while being confronted by trickery.
  7. kill an army at some foreign ruins, and must contend with a veteran while being confronted by betrayal.
  8. assault a warlord in a forest, and must contend with a conspiracy while being confronted by natural obstacles.
  9. obliterate a warrior at a dungeon, and must contend with a monster .
  10. save a creature on ...
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Low level (1-3) basic adventure

This is a LOW (1-3) level adventure pitting the players against an evil cult.
The party of adventurers must destroy an altar in the basement of a warehouse

The altar is guarded by a minotaur (CR 4) and 5 Half-Orc Fighters, 4 Orc Spearfighters, 4 Orc Berserkers, 4 Orc Archers, and 4 Orc Warriors (CR 2, 2, 1, 1, and 1/2). 1 Wolves (CR 1) may be encountered nearby. The players will also have to contend with 3 glyphs of warding, such as the entrance to the inner sanctum or guarding the treasure. See the CR 4 glyph of warding trap on p. 72 of the DMG.. Possible treasure may include Nothing yet

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