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Resource – ArtStation

This weeks resource is the wonderful ArtStation.  To quote the site – “ArtStation is the showcase platform for games, film, media & entertainment artists. It enables artists to showcase their portfolios in a slick way, discover & stay inspired, and connect with new opportunities.”

In other words, if you need an artist for a project or simply want to see some high-quality artwork, this is one of the better places to go.  As this is a place for artists to show off their talents,  the artwork here is normally not suitable for commercial projects. However, a lot of the artists are normally agreeable to fair rates for their work. As with anything, if in doubt, don’t use, ask first!

Have a site or resource you want to be highlighted? Let me know!

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10 art objects

  1. An armband made of steel (900 gp).
  2. A handkerchief made of balbriggan (1,700 gp).
  3. A key made of Nuttall oak wood (200 gp).
  4. A lyre made of , filled with poison antidote (30 gp).
  5. A bones (kobolds) made of Southern redcedar wood (1,100 gp).
  6. A brooch made of (100 gp).
  7. A song (written by Johanna* Durchoevor I (F)) (60 gp).
  8. A drinking horn made of mithril (100 gp).
  9. A flying creature (wyvern) statuette made of Southern redcedar wood (60 gp).
  10. A horn (natural) made of (400 gp).


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10 objects of art

  1. An electrum candlestick, engraved with a gecko-like shape (150 gp).
  2. A belt made of zanella (400 gp).
  3. A drinking horn made of (120 gp).
  4. A large well-done wool tapestry depicting a fountain made of Common Honeylocust wood (600 gp).
  5. A natural animal (stag) figurine made of aluminium (30 gp).
  6. A bombazine tapestry depicting a ship made of (40 gp).
  7. A mandolin made of (100 gp).
  8. A scene embroidered on brilliantine depicting a castle in a Red Mulberry –wood frame made of (100 gp).
  9. An electrum buckle, set with 2 hematites (30 gp).
  10. A mandolin made of Tulip Tree wood (700 gp).


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10 Art objects

  1. A serving tray made of iridium, filled with sand (110 gp).
  2. A gold courtier’s hose (Magic: the item glows softly.) (1,200 gp).
  3. A chariot statuette made of (600 gp).
  4. A buttons made of ducape (2,100 gp).
  5. A silk (spell component).
  6. A letter of credit made to the name of $u Pom. The amount is 300 gp from a bank of Menosira (1,300 gp).
  7. A brass seal, set with 7 banded agates (170 gp).
  8. A map (40 gp).
  9. A hat made of pongee (300 gp).
  10. A thimble made of Sugar Maple wood (1,000 gp).


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10 Random Art Objects

Presented here are 10 random art objects.

  • Who made them?
  • Was it a commission?
  • How much are they worth?
  1. A gigantic copper sculpture depicting a malfunction involving a stocky, poor athlete. It is a rare collectors’ piece.
  2. A medium-sized etching of a very short acrobat. It is in great condition.
  3. A very large sketch of an oak tree. It was done in an old-fashioned style.
  4. A large drawing of a hummingbird and a sword.
  5. A large redwood statue depicting a promise involving the squat brother of a famous queen. It is in excellent condition.
  6. A very large carving of a stocky inventor.
  7. A medium-sized oil painting of a lightning bolt. It is more valuable than it appears.
  8. A rather small tapestry of a magpie and a scimitar.
  9. A small oil painting depicting a misstep involving a wiry nymph...
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