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Latest generator updates

This week there I have added 3 generators, 1 new and two that form part of another. The first is an expansion of the Backgrounds & Details generator and gives you information about  the characters parents.

Parent Details
Parents Mother Alive, but ill/weakened/old etc.
Father Alive and well
Marital Status Still together, never married
Relationship with character Typical parent/child relationship

The second takes the quick character concept and puts it on its own page

Quick Character Details
Age Adult
Gender Male
Species Half-Orc
Profession Healer
Personality Frigid

The third is the combination of the above...

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Character Backgrounds & Details Generator Part 1

This week sees a slight change to the generator format. Due to behind the scenes shenanigans with converting the information found in “BDK 2 – Fantasy Edition” to a format that can be used here, I’ll be adding a bit to it each week, with the desired goal of getting it done by end of the month, time allowing. Each week, as normal, I’ll be posting here with the updated version so you can see the generator grow each week. Once done I’ll then be splitting the generator up into various sub-sections if you only want one aspect, such as personality or parent details there will be a separate page for that. Not all parts/aspects will have their own pages, just the ones I feel deserve it.

Without further ado, here is part 1 of the BDK – Fantasy character details generator sample output

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