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RPG Round Up – 28th March 2018


What’s been going on in the world of RPGs and gaming this week? Covers the latest posts from my favourite other rpg related blogs and sites. Do you have exciting news or info you want to share, or a product you want more people to know about? Then contact Ennead Games via the contact form or via social media.

For this month's GM Dictionary I wanted to take a look at the names of all kinds of professions, especially those that would exist in the worlds of games like Dungeons & Dragons. Here are some craftspeople that might show up or be in the ba [...]
Fri, Jun 22, 2018
Source: DnD Blogs
As this post on RPG StackExchange states, pg 83 of the DMG says that the ideal party size...
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RPG Round Up (No PDF this week)

No PDF this week – no problems just it was something that was planned to happen for the end of January anyway to give me a chance to do backups and much-needed sorting out and some more work on other projects that have been sitting on the shelf for ages

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Encounters & Events – Sci-Fi Volume 3 – Planet Types details + the RPG Round Up

Encounters & Events – Sci-Fi Volume 3 – Planet Types

Throughout your adventures, quests and missions, you will run into various individuals and experience odd sometimes random-seeming events and encounters. They might puzzle you, endanger your group or simply be a mystery you can never solve.

This volume of Encounters & Events is themed around what type of planets you may encounter whilst exploring the void, from prison worlds to planets dedicated to farming to planets with an odd quirk to them and more.

Almost all of the entries have a further sub-table associated with it, giving you a few extra options or quick plot hooks to start off your own missions and adventures.

Sample Entry
Birthing World

This world is used by another species to give birth on, to lay their eggs etc. This is due to…

D6 Birthing World
1 Being forced to by another species
2 Biological reasons
3 Environmental Issues on their home world
4 Protection/Hiding from an enemy
5 Religious reasons
6 Tradition

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Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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RIGS Volume 3 & RPG Round Up

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rr v3 cover smallRIGS Volume 3

What is R.I.G.S.?

A while ago I created a generator for myself and my games that output randomized magic items. The idea behind it was to create a system that could output a couple of words or more that would suggest an item name or concept. The challenge then becomes to take this randomly created item concept and make something that can be used in various games and stories.

I called this system the Random Item Generation System (R.I.G.S. or RIGS), hence the title -R.I.G.S. Results.

Each item has 6 aspects. All but the last aspect, details, has been randomly created using R.I.G.S.. These are not set in stone and if it feels better to change something one way, such as the activation method, then feel free to change it.

System generic, these items are designed with a fantasy or medieval setting in mind, but a few of them could be used as-is in a sci-fi or modern or even horror setting with only a minor amount of tweaking.

The items you’ll find in this volume :-

Bow of the Raven – Summon a flock when you fire from this bow
Chaos Magic Cube – Do you dare roll this die?
City Octahedron – Summon an entire city with this small item
Divination Elixir – Want to know more?
Forge of the Supreme Weapon – The fore of the Sky-Smith is yours to use
Helm of the Horse – Transform into a horse or other quadraped with this item
Interpreting Languages Chair – The ultimate tool for diplomats and negotiators
Lightning Skull – Command a potent force of nature
Teleporting Chariot – Teleport at high speeds
Umbral Bomb – A bomb designed to punch a hole in the fabric of reality

Available at Drivethru now (product link) and and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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Campaign Chunk Volume 9 & RPG Round Up

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CC9 cover

Campaign Chunk Volume 9

A Campaign Chunk is an item, place or something else that can fit into any campaign or story with little or no modification although some will be more suited to certain genres than others.

They have few stats and can help provide starting grounds for adventures or help fill in the gaps when your players go off exploring and you need something for them to do. Each has several hooks or rumour that can be used. Which of these are true and which are false?

Originally first published on the blog/website of Ennead Games, these Chunks have been compiled into a handy volume. Their details may have been cleaned up and more hooks or rumours added to them, but they basically the same.

Inside this volume you’ll find:

  • Cookbook for Time Travellers – A novelty and popular cookbook
  • Easty Spiker – A serial killer that uses a rail spike on their victims
  • HMS Determination – This warship possess a potent and experimental engine
  • James Oak Dam – A dam made to protect a town
  • Kings Vintage Wine – A very popular type of wine
  • Lost Monastery – What happened to this monastery?
  • Music in the Woods – A music festival that is gaining in popularity
  • Stilton Stockcar Derby 5000 – A very popular yet long stock car race
  • Valley of the Kings – A location full of tombs and artefacts
  • Wrestling Academy – The Wrestling Academy is both promoter and organiser for Professional Wrestling matches in the region

Available at Drivethru now (product link) and and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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