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Campaign Chunk – Lost Book of prophecy

Nostradamus at work

Nostradamus at work (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Campaign Chunk – Lost Book of prophecy

Throughout the years there have been many so-called “True” books of prophecy. The vast majority of them are complete rubbish, written after the events that there were ment to foretell occurred. However a few have proven to be, whilst not accurate, almost uncanny in their predictions.

The LBP is named after the compiler and primary author, Janet Lost. This confusion between the name of the book , which is simply and correctly called “Book of Prophecy”, has resulted in many a historian becoming confused over the nature of the book and getting rather excited when they discover a reference to a “Lost” book.

The book itself is rather unremarkable in appearance and resembles a medium-sized encyclopedia in dimens...

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Product Highlight – Book Generator

“Knowledge is power”

Sir Francis Bacon

Religious Meditations, Of Heresies, 1597

In many games and stories, books and tomes contain information and secrets. librarys are full of books from authors living and dead. Finding the information you want can be the proverbial hunt for a needle in a haystack. But you have a problem. Your players want to know about a random book they just grabbed from a shelf. What is the cover like? The spine? Does it have illustrations? Who is the author?

This is where the Book Generator can help you. It deals with:

  • Fiction Books
    • The genres of the fiction
    • The quality of the writing – Good bad or down right awful
    • The style of the writing – Is the book a light-hearted comedy or passionate romance novel?
  • Non-Fiction
    • What is the topic this book covers?
    • How com...
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10 more book titles

  1. Elven-Celestial Dictionary
  2. Rousing Poems
  3. Compendium on Sculpting
  4. Dictionary of Infernal Phrases
  5. Hidden Rites of the Love God
  6. Compendium on Painting
  7. Journeys of Wyrnyr
  8. Biology of the Panther
  9. Myths of the Empire
  10. Unholy Thaumaturgy Rites
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10 book titles (with a few authors as well)

  1. The Codex of Logrid
  2. Canyon of Horrors., by Mesutab Shibugra Augusta Williams of Menosira (Fiction)
  3. The Firlendish Charges, by Zawadi Wamocha of Hardin
  4. The Essays of the Ten Highwaymans, by Lord Bancel the Unstoppable and Ivar Thorolfsson Finehair the Red (Fiction)
  5. History of Dialectic
  6. Adventures of the Six Virgins, by Thaaru Edbaraz Stenka Soloveiovich (Fiction)
  7. Legends of the Conquest of Atruaghin by the Red Orcs 1257 BC, by Mogenina* Rigarschreich the mighty (F)
  8. Aryera of Whitecrystal’s Book of Artificing
  9. The Collection regarding Development of Fealty, by An Sa
  10. The Craft of the Nedeller
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10 Book titles

  1. Tales of the Happy Wizard
  2. Powers Regarding Runecraft
  3. Life of Saint Dragamer
  4. Hopeful Songs
  5. Unholy Powers of the Protection Deity
  6. Elven-Orcish Dictionary
  7. Guide to Carpentry
  8. Tales of the Zealous Wench
  9. Wheezing Swamp Atlas
  10. Life of Saint Zelada
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