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Whats in your rpg book collection?

Didn’t really have a topic for today, so thought I’d share some of what I currently have in my growing collection of RPG related books. Rather than list every single one (unless people want me to do that) I’ll break it down into system/games etc. These range from 1st edition D&D items almost as old as I am, to brand new only got published a few weeks ago.

  • Babylon 5 – 5
  • Call of Cthulu – 3
  • Cypher – 16
  • D&D – 50
  • D20 – 1
  • GURPS – 4
  • Middle Earth – 3 (but two more can be found under D&D)
  • Misc/Other – 12
  • Palladium – 18
  • Pathfinder – 24
  • Star Gate – 5
  • Star Trek – 2
  • Traveller – 4
  • Warcraft – 7
  • Warhammer – 16 (This includes Dark Heresy, WFRPG etc)
  • World of Darkness – 29

If my maths is right that is close to 200 books...

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Random List – 40 Book titles

Books in the Douglasville, Georgia Borders store.

Books in the Douglasville, Georgia Borders store. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, you read that right (not sorry for the pun), this week the random list has 40 entries. Going to try and keep it that way, but don’t want to promise 40 each week and then not be able to get it done.

How to roll d40? Roll another dice along with your d20, such as a d6. If the d6 is odd, add 20 to the result.

D40 Book title
1 Alchemy Lore
2 Ancient Verses
3 Bestiary of the Panther
4 Book of Fishing
5 Bull Traditions
6 Childlike Traditions About Alchemy
7 Common-Draconic Dictionary
8 Dictionary of Aquan Letters
9 Dietary Habits of the Heron
10 Dietary Habits of the Horse
11 Erotic Verses
12 False Rites of the Death Deity
13 Forgotten Divination Mysteries
14 Forgotten Ri...
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Random List – 20 Book Titles

Need to fill up your library and stuck for ideas for book titles? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Book Title
1 Tales of the Stalwart Wood
2 Common-Draconic Dictionary
3 Mystical Necromancy Secrets
4 Glossary of Ignan Terms
5 False Tales Regarding Sorcery
6 Legend of the Laughing Sailor
7 Compendium on Sewing
8 Book of Smithing
9 Tales of the Rude Baron
10 Book of Fishing
11 Tales of the Salty River
12 Laughing Hills Atlas
13 Manual of Locksmithing
14 Transmutation Strictures
15 Common-Abyssal Dictionary
16 Unknown Rites About Runecraft
17 Sorcery Powers
18 Auran-Aquan Dictionary
19 Powers of the Northern Cultures
20 Erotic Ballads
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10 Book titles

  1. Ancient Ballads
  2. Merry Idylls
  3. Mating Habits of the Owl
  4. Notable Champions of the Ancient World
  5. Guide to Baking
  6. Rituals Concerning Thaumaturgy
  7. Orcish-Dwarven Dictionary
  8. Lost Enchantment Lore
  9. Mating Habits of the Cheetah
  10. Fair Tales of the Knowledge Religions
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5 books and descriptions & values

Title: The Reference of Religions, by of The Desert
Description: The book is average in size, with covers of scales stretched over thin wood. The parchment pages are unbound, but wrapped with a hemp cord. In addition, there is a drawing of several men battling a sphinx on the cover and there is an odd, geometric pattern on the cover.
Condition: Terrible
Value: 300 gold crowns.

Title: Undercommon Reader, by of Votin
Description: The book is average in size, with covers of thin wood. The papyrus pages are unbound, but wrapped with a leather cord.
Condition: Excellent
Value: 700 gold crowns.

Title: The War of the Pearl, by the Adept
Description: The book is a hefty tome, with covers of leather. The woven hemp pages are unbound, but wrapped with a hemp cord...

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